Christ about more than church

One minister recently wrote an article entitled “In Lieu of Flowers” in The Parkersburg News & Sentinel. In summary, he described obituaries that indicate that a person was a lifelong member of a church thereby giving the idea that the person was Christian. It floored him that someone who professes to be Christian would opt to direct donations to be made to the Humane Society (in lieu of flowers). He emphasized that the most important thing in the world is to lead lost souls to Christ. He indicated that there are plenty of charities to which people can donate (organizations for the welfare of cats and dogs being one of them) but why in the world wouldn’t people who claim to be Christian want their last wishes to be to lead souls to Christ and donate toward that end (probably meaning to the churches that spread the gospel).

This one article made me realize how off base some ministers can be. Leading people to Christ isn’t always about money to churches. It’s about kindness and love….and being a Christ-like example by helping the poor, being there to listen to the hurting, and, yes, by helping people and homeless animals. A much better obituary should read “lived their life showing Christ-like kindness, shared how Christ changed their life, AND…….how they loved people and homeless animals and therefore, in lieu of flowers, donations can be made to the Humane Society and organizations that help the poor.” This is not to say that I don’t think churches need financial help to spread the word of God, but I found it to be sad that he seemingly missed the point of Christ’s will that doesn’t necessarily mean that all of our focus be to donate to the church. Christ expects us to get out into the world and truly care for others (be it animal or human). One of the best ways is by example. How sad that someone who read that article perhaps now feels guilty for wanting to help God’s creatures or organizations that help people.

Linda L. Perry

Washington, W.Va.


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