Agenda is evident

Is man-made climate change and the ensuing end of earth for real? Aware individuals recognize that many Democrats and especially college “kids” are the most easily influenced folk. At the encouragement of liberal professors, these people will jump on just about any bandwagon headed for worldwide fame and of course their own uplifting as well. A seldom reported fact is climate change has ever been. There exist thousands of actual evidences that earth-ending MMCC is indeed fear-inducing hysteria and continues to drive the uneducated (in this area) to evidence their lack of knowledge.

For many reasons, countries need to make certain that use of fossil fuels in practiced in responsible ways. Incidentally, God made available many resources that enhance the lives of all mankind. But the same people, sadly enough, that adamantly have declared over past decades that the land would “soon” be covered by water are those same who insisted the earth was slated to be destroyed because of an ever-increasing hole in the ozone layer — and that an unstoppable ice age, several decades past, would end all life as we know it; that if Republicans were elected that grandma would be hurled off a cliff and that although no evidence was forthcoming Brett Kavanaugh was unfit for office and that Donald Trump’s policies are ending all decent living conditions.

I will, however, admit that Donald often says “giddyup” to his mouth before the brain is harnessed.

As of late, it has been clearly established that the Democrat Congress has gotten rid of the veil and shown true colors that their intentions are indeed, at any and all costs, to silence all opposition to their authority.

Are there any folk out there who realize that the eruption of but one volcano releases much more CO2 ash laden particles into the atmosphere than all of mankind since creation.

Yes, God’s creation!

Of course, Godless scientists, incidentally the same scientists unashamedly declare that only is there no God but they also are promoters of MMCC.

They also promote, many of them along with college profs, that murder of the innocents is a right. They also support illegal immigration, affirmative action, gun control, socialism, many kinds of perversity and countless other Godless and anti-constitutional practices.

Have mercy!

Even Hallmark cannot remain wholesome.

A property owner hasn’t even the right to decide as to their own property!

Now, in light of these facts, do we recognize just who these people truly are? Sadly, probably not.

Does every body, including me, not have the right to voice factual supported evidence? Should we choose to be resigned to being forced as some middle school children are to actually during instructional hours observe CNN and their biased propaganda?

So now wait and expect to inevitably be answered by hate-filled responses.

Charles Lawrence

St. Marys


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