Red flag laws not the answer

One last letter, please, on gun control and mass shootings. The gun control crowd and the fake news media are pushing what they call comprehensive background checks, which sounds good, until you read the bill’s fine print.

In some states, if you sell a gun through classified ads, both the buyer and seller must undergo an FBI background check by a licensed firearms dealer. The dealer may charge $25, $50 or even $100, which would be added to the price of every gun sold.

Depending on the state and how the law is written, lend a gun to your daughter, who has been having prowlers, and you are both in violation of the law. Lend your rifle to your hunting buddy and you are both in violation of the law. Hand your gun to your buddy at the local gun range, for him to try out, and you are both in violation of the law, unless you, your daughter, your shooting buddies, first had a background check conducted by a licensed dealer.

Most felons obtain their guns from their friends on the black market or steal them. No comprehensive background check laws are going to stop most mass shooters.

Many red flag laws currently on the books are depriving honest citizens of their guns without due process and will likely be declared unconstitutional in the courts.

Red flag laws and comprehensive background check laws are deliberately being written to deprive as many citizens as possible of their Second Amendment rights. The true goal of anti-gun liberals, as some of them freely admit, is total disarmament of American citizens.

No law or set of laws will end mass shooting, because America has lost its moral compass.

Until some time in the 1960s, teachers taught about God, morals and right and wrong in our public schools. Today, teachers are forbidden to teach our children about God, right and wrong, etc.

Since the early 1990s, we have been reaping what we have sowed for decades. Mass shootings are one symptom of a sick society. To quote Obama’s infamous pastor, “America’s chickens have come home to roost.”

Unless America regains its moral compass, mass shootings will continue. To regain our moral compass, we must begin in our schools with our children.

Steve Wolverton



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