No good reason to close school

Regarding the 2020 closing of McKinley Elementary School as voted 4 in favor, 1 opposed by the Board of Education (thanks to new board member Debbie Hendershot for casting the single “no” vote; other board members had likely made their decision beforehand):

The meeting was well attended and speakers, a parent, the amazing Boy Scout leader, Blair Couch, neighborhood residents and McKinley teachers gave compelling testimony to the value of McKinley’s presence as a substitute home and family for children who often live in domestic chaos. Missing were city council members, pastors and nearby neighborhood association members.

Being just two blocks from PHS, McKinley helps form the core of the city, stretching to City Park, where improvement is encouraged and deterioration must be checked in all the adjoining neighborhoods.

Speakers had several questions for the Board. Are grants and federal monies being sought? Why is the district “losing” so many students? How can they be recovered?

Lots of problems! Closing McKinley will not solve them and may create more.

Betty Camp



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