Get rid of deniers

I’m real encouraged by the millions of kids striking to protest political inaction on climate change. They’re trying to tell us something and we should listen.

There’s evidence everywhere that climate change is very real and very scary. Just look at the pictures of the massive ice melt in the Arctic. The news media can’t make this stuff up. Yet too many politicians are in the pocket of the fossil fuel industry and keep saying there’s nothing to it. Then Fox News repeats the lie. This is George Orwell stuff. This is the Big Lie. We need to vote the deniers out.

A green new deal is nothing to be afraid of. Just like the New Deal of the 30s, it could spark decades of innovation and economic prosperity. Things like that tend to have a snowball effect. West Virginia could very well wither on the vine without a green new deal.

Under Trump, the denier-in-chief, the Republicans have abdicated their claim to be the conservative party. The coming election could be the most important one of our lifetime; and even more important for our grandchildren.

William Dwyer



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