Do the right thing

Back in 2016 I was ashamed that West Virginia voted for Donald Trump to be our president. Of course if we had voted in Clinton, I would still be ashamed. The fact that those two were the best the Republicans and Democrats could give us was pitiful. I want a president that is respectful, honest and will do their duty to the standards we expect out of them.

So now thanks to what we were given, we find ourselves with an impeachment looming for President Trump. More facts and distractions are coming from both sides of the argument and it might get difficult for the average voter to keep up. That’s why we have representatives to stand in and sift through those facts and distractions to present the truth to us.

So to Representatives McKinley, Mooney and Miller I am asking you to do your jobs. If the president did something impeachable, then please vote that way. Of course, if he didn’t do anything impeachable then also vote appropriately. We don’t need partisan voting here, we need people that will vote as the Constitution requires.

James Kendall



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