Another ban not the answer

When proven facts do not favor liberals, liberals manufacture their own facts.

Only 30 percent of people in the U.S. own a firearm? Actually over 50 percent of Americans own a firearm or multiple firearms. The exact number is unknown. Many people won’t admit they own firearms because they don’t believe it is any of the government’s business.

AR-15s and the like are the most popular rifles in America. Why should innocent owners of these firearms be forced to give them up? No matter how many uninformed people believe otherwise, another assault weapons ban will not work.

Israel has solved its mass shooting problem by arming its citizens, including teachers in schools. Israel strongly encourages its citizens to carry firearms. If an Israeli citizen can’t afford a firearm they can borrow one from a government armory.

The U.S. should follow Israel’s example to end mass shootings, but liberals in the U.S. want to do things backwards by disarming honest citizens.

Liberals don’t care anything about human lives. They seek to implement gun control while emotions are running high over mass shootings. If liberals cared about human lives, they would be outraged over the murders committed in Chicago every weekend. They are silent, because it does not fit in with their current gun control-assault weapons ban agenda. The murders in Chicago are being committed with handguns.

Red flag laws must be administered fairly. In many states, they are not. The burden of proof is on the state to prove an individual unfit to own a gun, not on the individual to prove to the state their fitness to own a gun.

In some states, individuals wrongfully accused must wait over nine months and pay thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket expenses to have their firearms returned even in an obvious case of mistaken identity. This is wrong.

An individual should have their firearms returned in a reasonable time frame — maybe 60 days, max — automatically, without any out-of-pocket expenses once the court deems them fit to own a firearm. Many individuals can’t afford to pay thousands of dollars to get their firearms returned.

There is currently a law on the books making it a crime for a felon to purchase a firearm. Obama didn’t enforce it. Neither is Trump.

Trump should begin doing so, immediately.

Steve Wolverton



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