Plunder at the White House

Trump is facing yet another investigation. This time the House Oversight Committee is investigating military spending at an airport near a Trump property in Scotland and visits to that property by service members. To quote from Vox, “Trump has been under scrutiny since the beginning of his presidency for refusing to divest his interests in his businesses. And as recently as last week, when it was reported Trump suggested Vice President Mike Pence stay at one of his hotels during a visit to Ireland, the president has been accused of using his office to enrich himself.”

Trump tries to argue that the fact that he has placed his financial holdings in a trust that he can access any time he wants protects him from conflicts of interest. Just like nuking hurricanes or getting cancer from windmills, that’s not how this works. Trump has been profiting from the White House from the moment he stepped through the door. Taxpayer money galore, money from foreign government interests — in direct violation of the Constitution’s Emoluments Clause — and using our Executive Branch of government to expand his brand.

The entire Trump presidency has been about plunder. This administration is regulatory capture to the extreme, with the regulators and overseers coming from the industries and businesses and interests being regulated and overseen across the board. Trump knows if he runs the GOP playbook of tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations, deregulation, privatization and throwing out those pesky deficit and debt worries (as long as Democrats aren’t in power), Republicans will protect him from any accountability and do whatever it takes to get him re-elected. They’ve done exactly this.

The corruption is unlike anything we’ve witnessed in modern American history. We are witnessing the effects of massive minority tyranny, with the electoral college and the U.S. Senate giving overwhelming advantage to sparsely populated states, and partisan gerrymandering combining with this advantage to make a mockery of majority rule. 2020 is absolutely critical. We must rescue the republic from a rapacious plutocracy led by this narcissistic megalomaniac. This insanity must end!

Eric Engle



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