Nothing solid with consolidation

As I have watched the unfolding of the Wood County School closing/consolidation plan I have more questions than I do answers.

First, the bond that voters passed in 2016 had money in it for schools that are going to be closed. So where is that money going? I read an article in the News and Sentinel that it’s projected to be about $3.8 million which will be taken from the north end schools. I guess they can use it for the $1 million connector at South that they missed in the original bid?

Then there is all this talk going around like the letter from the county commissioners that I have a copy of. It asks the board members not to close McKinley, but didn’t mention anything about Worthington or Waverly. I understand we can’t operate schools without money, but why are we cramming kids in schools without a plan? I was told by a faculty member at Emerson that there isn’t enough room in the cafeteria for all the influx of kids from closing Worthington. So, therefore, the kids have to eat breakfast in their rooms and they are going to have to have three lunches. Is this really true? Why doesn’t the board come up with a real plan, like renovating a school in the north end into a larger facility and then move the kids?

However, to top it all, the board says “we need money.” They say they are “financially strapped.” Then you ask about the properties they’re closing, as in what are they going to do with them? They say donate it. Really? They are in such bad money strain, but they are not going to try to sell the properties? I guess they don’t need to since they get to take the bond money.

They should give the money back to the north end voters. The north end taxpayers aren’t getting anything out of it except empty buildings, crowded schools and broken promises.

Brian Stanley

Washington, W.Va.