No magic gun control law

After the recent rash of mass shootings, liberal lawmakers are seeking to pass an olio of feel good gun laws, which will do nothing to prevent future mass shootings, such as another assault weapons ban. The original assault weapons ban did nothing to stop mass shootings or reduce crime. Another assault weapons ban would be equally useless.

Congress is considering “red flag laws,” which would enable friends or relatives of troubled individuals to have their firearms removed by law enforcement through the courts, if they pose a threat to themselves or others.

Such laws could help if written properly, with a due process so an individual can have their firearms returned if unjustly accused.

Any “red flag law” must contain harsh penalties for anyone knowingly making false allegations.

Many mass shootings take place in “gun-free zones.” The reason why is apparent, shooters know they will meet no resistance if they are the only one in the zone with a gun.

If Congress passes nothing else, they should pass a law abolishing gun-free zones. The only gun-free zones should be places like federal buildings, courthouses, etc., and maybe some schools with entry screened by metal detectors.

Apparently Walmart doesn’t care about their associates’ and customers’ safety as they are turning their stores into gun-free zones, like their store in El Paso, Texas, which was the scene of the recent mass shooting — a fact conveniently not mentioned by the fake news media.

Walmart is also going to stop selling handgun ammunition. How is that going to stop shooters using semi-automatic rifles? Walmart’s logic escapes me, as does Kroger’s.

Congress should pass funding to keep background check information up to date. Many criminals are slipping through the cracks during background checks.

Several criminals illegally attempted to purchase their weapons from licensed dealers when rejected, got their weapons elsewhere. Had they been prosecuted for attempting to purchase firearms from a dealer, they wouldn’t have gone on to become a mass shooter, because they would have been in prison.

President Trump should sign an immediate executive order to prosecute all criminals who attempt to purchase a firearm. He doesn’t need Congress to do so.

No magic law or set of laws will stop all mass shootings, no matter what liberals tell us. Hopefully we can make them more rare.

Steve Wolverton



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