Impeachment steps right move

Mitch McConnell’s refusal to fund the $400 million appropriation by the Democratic controlled Congress to our states, to protect the integrity of our voting machines, voting process as the money will be used to updating our voting machines and voters records to prevent what happened in the 2020 elections.

This obstruction has gone on too long without even an objection from McKinley, Miller, Capito and Mooney. They have been completely silent about Trump’s abuse of the rules of law and abuse of power. Mitch McConnell was bought for a $220 million deal with Russia when he blocked and then released the sanctions and the money after he realized how it would benefit his re-election.

McConnell like Trump will now be manipulated by Putin for selling out the integrity of the Senate President to Russia. The time has passed that the Republicans quit protecting Trump. Mueller was right when he documented and testified about Trump colluding with Russia. Recently, Trump attempted to blackmail the Ukrainian President to interfere with our 2020 election and find dirt on Senator Joe Biden, or he would withhold millions of dollars appropriated by Congress to help Ukraine, an ally, defend their democracy from a Russian invasion. With our democracy and national security placed in jeopardy by Trump, Mitch McConnell and their Republican allies, the move for impeachment is the right thing to do.

Jerry L. Payne



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