Gun laws to target criminals

I am writing this letter in response to a letter in the Sept. 8 newspaper.

Already manufacturers are making bullet-proof panels of Kevlar to put in school kids’ backpacks. Prices vary, depending on the level of protection, but they are generally priced below $200.

Licensed firearms dealers are required by law to conduct a background check for each firearm purchase. The trouble is most criminals get their guns on the black market, or from their friends or they steal guns.

The original assault weapons ban failed. Another similar ban would also fail.

Voluntary gun buy backs usually only get old broken guns, not used in crime, off the street.

Mandatory gun buy backs are another way of saying gun confiscation, which is unconstitutional.

Limiting the capacity of magazines won’t work. Criminals won’t obey the law. High capacity magazines will be available on the black market. If nothing else, criminals will simply carry more magazines.

Currently, reliable smart gun technology does not exist. Requiring all guns sold to be smart guns would outlaw any new guns from being sold. There are currently millions of guns in the United States that are not smart guns. What about them?

I agree, new hunters should take a gun safety course, although I am not sure how that would end shootings.

Training is required to get a concealed carry permit, in West Virginia and in Ohio. Anyone considering carrying concealed or openly in West Virginia (constitutional carry) would be well advised to take a concealed carry class.

West Virginia and Ohio businesses can post signs on their doors forbidding firearms. Does anyone seriously believe a mass shooter wannabe will peacefully leave because they see a “no guns allowed” sign on the door?

According to the Crime Prevention Research Center, since 1950, 98 percent of mass shootings took place in “gun free zones.” In Europe, every shooting took place in “gun free zone.

“Gun free zone” designations do not prevent shootings, but actually enable criminals by making it impossible for victims to fight back.

If businesses sincerely wish to deter mass shootings or even robberies on their premises they should post signs on their doors like “concealed carry welcome here” or “legal carry welcome here.”

We need laws that target criminals and disarm them, not laws targeting honest citizens.

Steve Wolverton



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