Bipartisanship saved community

The Pleasants Power Station is a vital economic engine for Pleasants County. Losing it would be devastating to our community, our tax base and our school system. The bill is protecting 160 jobs and hundreds of jobs more indirectly simply by leveling the playing field and allowing the Pleasants Power Station to compete.

I want to thank Gov. Jim Justice for his leadership, and our legislature for working with the governor and local officials to pass critical legislation to save the facility. The revenue that would have been lost if that plant had closed would have crushed our school budget and hurt education, not to mention the toll it would have taken on our kids at home.

I believe Gov. Justice and the legislature have saved our community, and at a time that it is hard to get anything done in politics, they deserve credit for rising above partisanship and saving our community.

Michael Wells

Superintendent of Pleasants County Schools