Ask what they stand for

Years ago, when my brother and I reached voting age, our dad told us “always know who you’re votin’ for — and why you’re votin’ for ’em’.”

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, including Michael Azinger. But when he tries to shove his personal beliefs down your throats with one hand while thumping the “Book of Azinger” with the other, that takes it to a whole different ballfield; and a religiously perverted one at that.

He told us how he feels about gay people, but I challenge Azinger’s constituents — voters –to ask his real opinions of African-Americans and other people of color, or explain his attitude toward women, for example.

The only successful thing Senator Azinger has done for this community, this state of West Virginia, is that he’s shot his own foot off with his arrogant hate-fueled op-ed of June 23.

Let’s pray the tattered coattails of his father will carry him no further.

Election Day is coming. Do we really know who we are voting for … and why?

Susan Martin-Burge