A thank you from Parkersburg Homecoming

I am writing on behalf of the Parkersburg Homecoming Festival and wanted to take this opportunity to thank those who supported our event this year.

We would like to thank all of our sponsors who helped make our event possible. We would like to thank the city of Parkersburg, especially the Parkersburg Fire and Police departments and the Public Works Department. Without their support our event would not be possible.

During the year, we had several fundraisers, concluding with the Rubber Ducky Derby and the new Junior Rubber Ducky Derby. Thank you to all who purchased tickets.

Parkersburg Homecoming was created over 30 years ago. Our mission statement has been simple. Our goal is to provide a “free event; to encourage tourism to our area; to bring people downtown; and to provide something fun for our citizens.” Our organization is not a government entity. It is a non profit committee, working with the help of the state of West Virginia, the city of Parkersburg and the Wood County Commission. We appreciate their support.

Over the years, the cost of insurance, fireworks, entertainment and everything which has a price tag associated to it has gone up. While funding sources have went down.

We are a volunteer organization which works all year long in an effort to bring a little bit of fun to downtown Parkersburg. We sincerely thank and appreciate all those who have supported us.

Woody Miller

President, Parkersburg Homecoming Committee