What’s good for the goose…

I’d like to comment on the debate on who should make the decision whether to continue a pregnancy or not. It involves the conscience and will and demands on a woman’s life. It involves medical procedures and medical skills and doctors, not lawyers, business managers, insurance salesmen, or cab drivers.

I believe it should be made by the person whose body it is, and whoever else she asks, and her doctor. It’s like this. Once upon a time there was a beautiful field. She enjoyed being a field and thought about what she wanted to be. But she didn’t grow corn. She couldn’t. She was just a field. Along comes Mr. Farmer with his bucket of corn seeds. He decides to plant his seeds there, and corn starts to grow in the field. Then the legislature comes along and says the field is completely responsible for the corn. It says she can’t decide she doesn’t want to grow corn. It says she has to bear corn no matter what. Not only that, she has to take care of the corn for the next 18-25 years. Sometimes Mr. Farmer stays around to help, but sometimes he doesn’t, and sometimes, Mr. Farmer doesn’t admit he planted the corn.

Nevertheless, the field has to raise money to feed and take care of the corn, when she’d rather grow potatoes, or no crop, or flowers and grass. Or maybe she’s worn out. Maybe the seeds are not going to grow no matter what. Now tell me again why we are blaming the field for growing corn when it was Mr. Farmer who planted the seeds in her?

Why are our legislatures passing laws that tell women what they can and must or can’t do inside their own skin? Our legislators are telling women they are not allowed to make their own decisions about whether to have children or not, how many, or even when to have them. Mr. Farmer has the bucket of seeds. If our legislators are going to pass laws about growing corn, or babies, for that matter, don’t you think they should start with the ones who have the buckets of seeds?

Wendy Tuck



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