Village idiot speaks

The village idiot, in a speech on America’s Independence, told his audience of followers during a speech at the National Mall that the American Army was using airplanes to drop bombs on the troops of the British.

You know, where it tells us in the history books about George Washington’s use of bombs (bursting in air, and the rockets red glare (Tomahawk rockets, I’d guess?). I’ve searched the Internet for the type of airplanes used that dropped bombs on the British during the Revolutionary war. I can’t seem to locate any information about air warfare during the War for Independence.

And, we thought the ‘village idiot’ went back home to Texas after Barack Obama even though he wasn’t an American citizen won the election. Word is he colluded with a Mr. Putin for hackers to infiltrate the Bureau of the Vital Statistics to print him a fake birth certificate.

It was such an excellent forgery no one in the Republican Party caught on to the fraud resulting in President Barack Obama winning the election.

I’m suing our Department of Education for not printing the truth, in our history books that lead to the cover up that the Revolutionary Army used some form of ‘alien’ spacecraft to drop bombs on the British Army guaranteeing the surrender of General Cornwallis in 1781 even though airplanes weren’t introduced into war until 1911 and only then used by America for bombing during World War II.

Impeach the village idiot, Trump.

Jerry L. Payne



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