Trump is undignified

There are many words that could accurately describe President Trump. Egotistical liar would describe him very well. A misogynist and racist could also describe him. I would dare use the word successful too. He did become president after all. But one word that can’t describe him is dignified.

He is the president and yet whines when people don’t pay attention to him. He attacks allies and kisses up to dictators. He has no moral center when it comes to money. Just looks how he gleefully sells weapons to Saudi Arabia who hates Israel. Not to mention how much he lies to all the U.S. citizens. Yes MAGA crowd, he lies to you as well. Time to accept that fact.

We’ve had presidents that inspired us like President Kennedy to go to the moon. During our darkest times we had Presidents that bolster us up to not give in to fear. Trump on the other hand wants us to fear anyone that won’t vote for him or stroke his ego.

At the end of it all, we used to hope that young people would want to be like the president. Now we cringe to think of our kids talking like him. I hope for a day, perhaps in 2020, that we can once again have a dignified president.

James Kendall