There is no more hiding it

It’s become the norm. We’ve become, in the words of Pink Floyd, comfortably numb. The president of the United States takes to Twitter and says horrendous, stupid things and we barely register it. Only this week, he revealed what many of us have known but so many others have tried to deny; he revealed what a racist, nativist bigot he really is.

Three of the four women of color Trump singled out for attack are native born Americans and the fourth is a naturalized U.S. citizen, but the problem for Trump was never their country of origin. The problem for Trump is that they don’t look like his America. The only America Trump serves, or has ever served, is white, evangelical Christian, wealthy, male, straight and cisgender. The rest of America is treated as either irrelevant or as the enemy.

Trump needed a dog whistle after his pal Jeffrey Epstein was dragged back to court for child rape (one of numerous Trump affiliates with a penchant for underage girls), so he found an easy target, a target his base could rally around. By the way, Bill Clinton’s affiliation with Epstein doesn’t absolve Trump. Any involvement of Clinton in this disgusting mess should be prosecuted just as enthusiastically.

White supremacists rally in Charlottesville ostensibly around a statue of a slaveholder who wanted to protect and expand African slavery, Heather Heyer dies, Trump equivocates that there “are good people on both sides.” As many people die in Puerto Rico, U.S. territory, after Hurricane Maria as on 9/11, Trump throws paper towels and blames Puerto Ricans for their plight. This is a white supremacist, white nationalist, xenophobic administration and the GOP and approximately 40 percent of Americans polled who support it and have made it possible are complicit.

For the sake of our republic and all we hold dear we must drive these people out of office in 2020. The only way that Washington or our state capitals will work to protect the values of liberty, equality and justice are if we send these people, Trump and the GOP, back where they came from.

Eric Engle