Stand your ground on UNSATT

I have previously written about the United Nations Small Arms Trade Treaty (UNSATT) and the danger it poses to our Second Amendment and all our Constitutional freedoms. Now I have good news to report.

I stated previously Article V of the UNSATT would require signing nations to establish a “national control list.” In other words, a national gun registration database. History has shown us gun registration is the first step toward outright gun confiscation.

The U.N. developed international small arms control standards (ISACS) which would:

* Mandate national “screening,” giving unelected bureaucrats the final say over your fitness to own a firearm.

* Restrict licensing for gun and ammo sales, which would mean even bans on certain types of firearms and ammunition, including semi-automatic rifles, shotguns and handguns.

* Impose restrictions on the number of guns and rounds of ammunition a “properly licensed individual” may own, and impose limits on the number of rounds a magazine may hold.

* Ban the ownership of firearms for self defense.

Months ago, a reader wrote a letter stating the UNSATT was no threat to our Second Amendment because if it were a threat the U.S. Supreme Court would rule the treaty unconstitutional.

The reader used Reid v. Covert to make his case. The trouble is Reid v. Covert dealt with the Supreme Court striking down an agreement not a treaty.

An agreement only carries the weight of an executive order and can be overturned by the courts or a future president, by executive order.

For a treaty to become invalid, it must be unsigned by the president and deratified by the senate. I hope this clears that up.

Now, the good news. At the NRA convention last month, President Trump announced he is unsigning the UNSATT and requesting the U.N. send him the United States’ copy of the treaty so he can tear it up.

The UNSATT isn’t dead. It is only asleep waiting for a future liberal president and senate to revive it. Americans must remain vigilant.

Hopefully this will be my last letter on the subject.

Steve Wolverton



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