Further Bible study

I have read the recent letter to the editor submitted by Jim Wilt, where he makes several references to the Bible. I appreciate his interest in the Bible and would like to offer some thoughts for future study. The Bible is a unique book in that anything that is anything finds its origin there, (Eccl. 1:9) whether it be history, science, philosophy, religion, morality, family life, law, language, etc.

The Bible is designed to be interpreted by the reader, which would explain the reasons for its various interpretations. However there is only one accurate interpretation of the Bible.

We need to understand that the Bible is a spiritual book (I Cor. 2:13-16). Therefore you need to know the Spirit of God and allow Him to be your teacher (I John 2:27; John 4:24 and 14:26).

Knowing the Spirit begins with knowing Jesus (John 3:1-8). Romans 3:10-31 teaches us why we don’t know Him; while Matt. 3:8, Luke 18:13 and Romans 10:9-13 teaches how we can know Him.

May I challenge Mr. Wilt to consider these verses for his own personal edification and may I also invite you to any of the Sunday services at Kanawha Baptist Church, Leachtown, W.Va.?

Tom Becker

Pastor, Kanawha Baptist Church


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