Celebrating unity

The Multicultural Festival is a wonder. It was so great to see community members together for one weekend enjoying themselves and one another, while also celebrating our differences and our commonalities. We need more of that in the Mid-Ohio Valley.

Regular fun-filled, community celebrations strengthen communities. They bring people together, encourage civic engagement and community dialogue. They offer a way to positively approach questions and manage differences. They promote our interconnection and connect us to resources we may have never known about. They remind us that we are not alone. These days can be difficult and our region continues to be impacted significantly. We must work (and play) together.

The Festival of Art, Music and Movement will be a fun-filled, outdoor festival held on the beautiful campus of WVU-P in September featuring a sensory-sensitive art and music area, live music, children’s and adult activities and presentations and much more.

But we need YOU to kick this event off!

FAMM seeks to promote a sense of community pride and belonging among all of our residents and to invoke a sense of caring about our future through utilization of the arts and movement.

If you think improving our community is important work that should be fun, too. If you believe that the well-being of a community has a significant impact on its social, economical and environmental sustainability, please consider becoming a sponsor and join the FAMM Club!

With your support, we will be sure to reach our goal and serve the Mid-Ohio Valley well.

A strong community is to exist in common unity.

To learn more about FAMM and how you can be a part of the event, contact us by calling 740-350-8219 or email fammfest@gmail.com.

Lisa Wynn



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