Azinger just another hack

West Virginia State Sen. Mike Azinger wrote an op-ed printed in the News and Sentinel on June 23. That op-ed was a perfect example of meanness and bigotry, writ large and loud, by someone who claims to be a thoughtful Christian. Azinger’s op-ed essentially vilified the LGBTQ community.

I enjoyed reading the four letters-to-the-editor on June 30, written in response to Azinger’s op-ed. Those four letters took the senator to task for his ugly opinions.

Those letters-to-the-editor were also a pretty good indication that local citizens are finally beginning to pay attention to Senator Azinger and recognize him for what he is. A total fraud.

I never considered wasting a minute of my time on Mike Azinger until a couple of years ago when I realized the irresponsible wing-nut needed someone watching him; closely. He was trying to bamboozle local voters with an op-ed about state taxes. He described the fantastic prosperity waiting just around the corner if only the state legislature would see things his way and cancel the state income tax. Azinger wanted WV to adopt the Laffer tax cut system which basically means; stop collecting income taxes. Arthur Laffer developed that absurd tax concept in the 1970s. Of course, Laffer and the Laffer Curve are well known today as a punch line for comedians. President George H.W. Bush referred to the Laffer concept as voodoo economics. Recent history tells us that’s an accurate description.

So, a couple of years ago Mike Azinger was trying to convince voters that WV would prosper if it adopted voodoo economics. Had Azinger done his homework he would have learned that two other states (Kansas and Louisiana) had already given Mr. Laffer’s ideas a whirl and the results were disastrous. Both of those states are still struggling with financial problems created by their excursion into Laffer-land.

Thankfully, our legislature ignored Azinger’s foolish tax proposal.

Senator Azinger has shifted gears and he’s now stirring up dirt in the religious arena where he probably thinks he’s safe. He isn’t. Azinger makes noise like a religious guru who expects the voters in the 3rd District to unquestionably accept his misguided version of biblical truth. I think most of the voters in the 3rd are smarter than that and the smart ones are now beginning to see Azinger as just another hack politician, ready for takedown.

Ralph Chambers



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