What are Azinger’s motives?

As a Wood County resident for the last 8+ years, I’d like to say that I’m personally tired of hearing from our own local, self-appointed White-Knight-in-shining-armor, Mr. Mike Azinger.

As our local state senator, Mike should be professionally concerned with causes that could actually improve the town of Parkersburg and the surrounding areas. I’m no professional politician but here’s a couple ideas off the top of my head:

* Solutions for local infrastructure issues

* Advertising our area to prospective job creators

* Looking into legislation that would either help drug users receive treatment or alternatives to get them on their feet

Instead of doing any of these things, Mike felt that it was a good use of his time to slap his name and part-time job title on an op-ed demonizing some of his own constituents, while claiming they are forcing their morals on all of us (while he, in turn, is trying to force his morals upon the local people). He clearly can’t see this (or doesn’t care), but the amount of hypocrisy is stunning. Perhaps he’s trying to turn the local gay community into some type of campaign “enemy” to try and make locals forget that they can’t name a single positive thing he’s ever done for Wood County as a sitting Senator.

Sometimes when you see people doing something you don’t like or agree with, instead of getting angry it’s better to ask yourself two questions:

1. Can anyone be physically harmed by their action?

2. Does this affect how I live my day-to-day life in any way?

If the answer is no, then you should probably go about your life. Maybe Wood County would see some actual improvements if we had a Senator that was more worried about if his ideas would improve the county instead of whether they came from somebody wearing a Red or Blue tie.

Drew Ramsey

Washington, W.Va.