Time to impeach Trump

The Mueller Report reveals what transpired before the 2016 presidential election and how Russia’s dictator was behind the hacking, dissemination, cooperation and involvement that allowed Trump to win the election.

The Republicans in the Senate, Congress and his AG Barr are protecting him, rather than enforce the rules of law and stop Trump’s abuse of power.

His recent A.G. appointee William Barr, rather than enforce the laws and show Trump that he is not above the law instead, too has obstructed justice by refusing to uphold the authority of Congress and enforce their subpoenas for an un-redacted Mueller Report. It’s time for other folks to read the Mueller report and demand that the Republicans in the House and Senate uphold their responsibilities to the West Virginia voters by upholding their oath of office.

Instead, they do nothing but stand with and protect Trump to satisfy theirs and his lust for power. The Republican Party puts our freedoms at risk by refusing to uphold the rules of law. The right thing to do has been ignored too long. Our Constitution, democracy and our freedoms are in jeopardy. Impeach this lawless and dangerous narcissistic president.

Jerry L. Payne



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