Positions important for student wellbeing

As a 2007 graduate of Belpre High School and a seven-year teacher in Indiana, I am shocked and disappointed that the Belpre Board of Education has decided to reduce the position of school nurse from a full-time position to that of a position requiring five hours a week and to eliminate the district psychologist and an intervention specialist.

While I understand financial struggles within districts across the country, what I do not understand and do not accept are decisions that negatively impact students as students deserve and need access to the school nurse. Additionally, intervention specialists and district psychologists play a very important role in our schools as they help to shape how students with IEPs and 504 plans learn and progress through their schooling and provide other integral services to the students. I only hope that the students will get the help that they need because the students matter most.

Robert Stevens

Hagerstown, Ind.

(Formerly of Belpre)


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