Mothers share, sacrifice much

Mother, Mommy, Mom, Nana, Grandma, Mimi, Grammy, aunt, sister, Sis, niece … Mrs., Ms. and Miss.

We all have at least one of those. A mother, maybe we are close to, maybe not. Maybe we know her, maybe not. Maybe we miss her. Maybe we don’t care. But whatever the case, we’re here because of her.

There is a mother whom until recently I haven’t thought of much, though there are millions who have: Mother Mary. We often think of Christ laying down his life for mankind and God sacrificing his son. But personally, I had never thought about how Mary must have felt. As the song lyrics go, “Mary, did you know?”

Can we even fathom losing a son, a perfect righteous son, to the hands of wickedness to save a fallen world. I can totally understand why in the Catholic faith she is so revered.

Another mother whom I’ve not thought much of until, again, recently is Mother Earth. She must have a living soul to be able to bear nature. Are the dew drops her tears of joy in meeting a new day or tears of sorrow that we neglect her?

But most important I wish to pay tribute to my own mother. She taught me to pray and read to me. She sacrificed so I could have violin, piano and saxophone lessons.

She had homemade cookies on the counter when I came home from school. And not until recently have I realized how fortunate I’ve been.

But as much as I love my mother, I love my children more. Who are you supposed to love more, your mother or your children?

In a very very real sense we cannot physically live without our mothers. But I have to be honest, I love my children more. And I don’t even deserve either of them.

Despite my extreme failures at raising them and being a nourishing mother, they respect and love me. They look out after me and worry about me when it should be the other way around.

And then there are my dear, dear granddaughters, my love for whom cannot be written …

Let me close on not such a personal note:

To those special teachers and children I’ve had the opportunity to share the violin with, thank you. Your smiles and encouragement are a welcomed sight. Your love for life and commitment to proclaim a vitality to the future is commendable.

To all mothers who have graciously shared your children with me, thank you. Every time a child enters my home, I feel blessed — for they bring the light of Christ.

Gabrielle Allen