Many excuses, but still wrong

We see the commercials all the time. The heart wrenching music, the sad pictures of dogs and cats peering at us helplessly. Won’t we please help? They need you. You can help for just 63 cents a day … the price of a cup of coffee. Many are moved to tears. Many call in to help.

I like dogs and cats as much as the next person but a dog or a cat is missing one important thing: a soul given by God.

On the other hand, we see the news stories about New York and Virginia. Laws have been passed that if a baby survives an abortion … survives attempted murder, then it is OK to either let it just die, or to offer help. It is the mother’s choice, perhaps with the consultation of doctor and family, to either help the baby or bid it goodbye. No final kiss before death. Just be gone with it. Try that procedure with the dogs and cats. I fully realize this is not an easy decision for most women, but it is still wrong.

Strange, but the little creature, that some say is just a blob of nothing, that has just survived attempted murder, kind of looks like a baby. If it looks like one, it probably is, don’t you think? How many reading this have enjoyed holding a newborn baby? The closeness it thrives on and the need it has for being held. Now, during one of these attempted murder events, at a time when the little one needs to be held by its own mother, it is instead set aside to await the verdict. Live or die. This pleases no one except Satan himself. But, God does care.

What a sad state of affairs. Makes one almost ashamed to be an American. Oh, yes, it is a woman’s right to choose. The Supreme Court in its wisdom, not Godly wisdom, says so. The decision Roe v. Wade that allows this was based on a lie. Roe never had an abortion for that child and the child was born.

Yes, there are many excuses for an abortion. An excuse is the skin of a reason stuffed with lies. For inconvenience, or the woman is not married, or it will ruin my career etc. Let’s just get rid of it and no one will know or care.

What excuse will you give to God?

Robert Sadler