Barr must be removed

Whether you like Trump or not, everyone needs to call their reps and demand that Attorney General Barr be removed from office immediately; for the security of the country.

Not only did he several times perjure himself before Congress, a felony, but he deliberately misled the public about the conclusions of the Mueller report.

Mueller lays out in detail how Russia in a systematic and sweeping way infiltrated the social media to get people in swing states to vote for Trump; or to not vote at all.

Trump, of course, denies all this. He can’t stand to admit that he wouldn’t be president if not for Russia. He’s repeatedly lied about it and tried to block all efforts to investigate. Mueller makes it all very clear and then left it up to Congress to do something. He drew a roadmap to impeachment.

Russia and others are ready, willing and able to do it again in 2020, and we need a united front to stop this menace, with strong leadership from the top that we’re not getting from Trump and Barr.

And you can bet that Barr will do his best to suppress the other ongoing investigations trying to get to the bottom of this.

These are troubling times. America was attacked. This is serious.

Bill Dwyer



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