Teachers are not above reproach

As a retired teacher, I want to offer kudos to Jim Mullen for his insightful and courageous column about the plight of the current education system. He rightly cites the destructive influence of the teachers’ unions. These monolithic powerhouses care not a whit about students (and very little about teachers). They care very much about their own power and purses.

Furthermore, teachers themselves bear some serious scrutiny, regardless of Mr. Simon Hargus’ blind belief in their moral and intellectual superiority. Teachers, by and large, are not a terribly smart bunch. As a teacher myself, I was often appalled by the lack of both knowledge and work ethic I saw in many of my colleagues. Sadly, too, there were always those who sought popularity over product. Making class fun sometimes seemed the order of the day. The hard work of teaching and learning took a back seat.

We’ve been told for years that our schools are failing. We know that money alone isn’t solving the problem. Perhaps we need to take a new look at unions, teachers and school choice. Let’s not fall prey to the bromides that teachers always know best, and that the education establishment is really “for the children.”

Glenna Clutter