Our turn at bat soon

Spring is here and along with it, baseball. Many folks seasonally follow professional teams for the joy of doing so though no revenue from their events ever reaches our own communities. And, many of us regularly support colleges and universities where we spent a few years of our lives. But, what about the places where we’re spending our entire lifetimes? Parkersburg, Williamstown, Vienna, Lubeck, Washington Bottom, Belleville, Rockport, Belpre, and so on. Who’s building up these places where our families, friends and neighbors live?

Many of our local businesses, friends, and neighbors are, that’s who. In partnership with the Parkersburg Area Community Foundation (PACF), on May 7, and thanks to the lead sponsorship of Superior Toyota and many other generous business and individual sponsors, PACF will again provide “Give Local MOV” to benefit fifty-plus nonprofit causes. This is the one day a year that thanks to PACF and our sponsors, your gift can multiply exponentially: a $10 gift turns into $20, $100 into $200 and so forth. Nonprofits can earn even more with incentive offerings. Give Local MOV is an opportunity for each of us to step up to bat for those local nonprofits and organizations that make our hometowns better places in which to live, work and raise our families.

Building local communities is about more than just caring about the same place as someone else — it’s about supporting those people and businesses who support us. As our region participates in “Give Local MOV” on May 7, we urge you to check out the sponsors on the Give Local website and remember to “Buy Local MOV,” as it’s those generous businesses, organizations and individuals, right here at home who make this day of extra giving possible. Online vendors are not the ones supporting Give Local MOV or our communities — it is our local businesses and citizens who step up every day to support our children’s events, offer funds to provide housing and nutrition for persons in need or sponsor arts and cultural opportunities that brighten our lives. Let’s support them. A thriving local business community benefits all of us.

On May 7, just after midnight, we have 24 hours to score big for our hometowns by going to www.GiveLocalMOV.org and selecting our favorite charity (or charities) to help. If each of us get into the Give Local MOV game on May 7, we can hit this one out of the ballpark for the benefit of our communities!

Judy Sjostedt

Executive Director

Parkersburg Area Community Foundation