Democrats betraying America

As someone who used to believe in the Democratic Party, I am completely disgusted as to what they have become today, and the agenda they are pushing. No longer a party of fighting for workers’ rights and jobs, they worry about bathrooms for people who can’t figure out which bathroom to use and benefits for illegal aliens. The three Rs is pretty much their 2020 platform — Russia, racism and reparations. When one R gets a little old, move to the next one then repeat the cycle. Meanwhile, our infrastructure needs massive amounts of money and the trainwreck of Obamacare needs to go.

But all the Democrats in Congress can seem to do is obstruct President Trump because “he’s mean.” Democrats have become drama queen perpetually offended snowflakes.

I guess they do have a few other ideas, just as equally ridiculous. This New Green Deal is laughable at best. Notice there are no trade groups or engineering firms standing up saying this idea is doable? We could shut down every factory and plant in America and not make a difference; not when China, India and Pakistan pollute enough for three planets.

I’m disturbed by all the anti-American brain-washing by the left as well. Hate your flag, hate your country, hate yourself (especially if you’re white), seems to be the cool thing now. Open borders the Democrats are pushing for is something I really can’t understand. Democrats have perfected the art of talking out of both sides of their mouth.

They spout off about helping the environment, then want to flood the country with illegals and expect taxpayers to foot the bill. The wall’s too expensive, they say, but yet will vote to give billions to Central America with no accountability of money going to fix the intended problem.

But Democrats just see potential voters to get or keep them in power. I guarantee if there were white Europeans flooding the southern border who might be voting conservative, Chuck and Nancy would be mixing up the mortar themselves for the wall.

I believe we need a two-party system in this country, but how can you vote for a party that seems intent on turning America into a Third World Sodom and Gomorrah?

President Trump has said or worded many things that are not very presidential to say the least. But he’s the first president in a long time to talk about putting America first.

Now there’s a concept, Democrats. Fix our country before worrying about the rest of the world.

Ted McCullough



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