Protect the Constitution

When asked what the constitutional assembly had created, Ben Franklin replied, “A republic, if you can keep it.”

Two hundred years later, Ronald Reagan described it as, “Freedom is a fragile thing, and never more than one generation from extinction.”

Our system of checks and balances has worked. Through the diligence of our forefathers, our republic and freedom have been passed to us. Once lost they can not be taken back.

Now it is the current Congress’s responsibility to prevent presidential overreach. They individually need to be statesmen. They need to remember their oath of office. As the elected congress, it is their sworn duty to:

* maintain the republic;

* protect the Congress’s power of the purse;

* override the made-up emergency veto that transfers funds specified by Congress to build a wall.

Regardless of beliefs about the need for border security and a wall, the presidential veto is an attack on the constitutional power of Congress to control taxation and spending. The constitution gives the power of taxation and spending to congress, not the president. If the veto stands, it will go through years of interpretation ending with the Supreme Court for the final ruling. Even if it is ruled as legal, I believe it is a clear violation of the principle of congressional power of the purse. It goes against the separation of powers which has protected our republic for hundreds of years.

Each time we recite the Pledge of Allegiance we support the republic for which our flag stands. It is time for each of us to remind our congress of their sworn oath to do the same.

Contact McKinley, Capito and Manchin to ask them to overturn the veto.

Warren Peascoe