Expansion unnecessary

This is in reference to an article by the Parkersburg News and Sentinel Feb. 28. The article concerns the Wood County Senior Citizens Association Inc. moving to the Green Street location. I give thumbs up to the Board of Directors for selecting this location. This will make a fine activity center.

The article continues: Over the past few months, the board of directors has discussed plans to lease the space on Market Street and find a new location for the senior services that were housed there. Richard Hayhurst, board secretary and treasurer, said there are two buildings on the site. The main building has around 6,000 square feet of space, which will be utilized as the nutritional site and the activities area. The other 2,000 square foot building to the side of the main building will be utilized for office space for the association. Mr. Seely, president of the board, said “There will be adequate space in the Green Street building for the activities we want to do.”

The article continues: Plans are being worked on to expand the kitchen space at the Green Street location. The building has a former bar area off the kitchen. Officials want to remove the bar, expand the kitchen and create a serving area.

I wish them all the best, with just one bit of advice and a suggestion. The conference table you use will seat 10 or 12 people. Take that over to the 2,000 square foot building and actually see how much space will be left, then divide that up into 4 or 5 offices. You will see there is not enough room. Then when you go over to the other building and expand the kitchen, subtract that area from usable activity space. Then mark out how much room for lunch tables, then at the other end mark how much room for the three pool tables like we had at the other location. Then measure just how much room is left in the middle to do all the other activities. I am sure once you do all of this, you will realize there will not be much room to do the other activities. Then perhaps you will realize your plans need modified.

May I remind everyone the Wood County Senior Citizens Association Inc. is not in the business of leasing out commercial real estate. Our main function is the concern of the elderly in Wood County. That being said, I would suggest leaving the offices where they are on Market Street and use th Green Street location as the activity center with a congregate meal site. We can prepare the meals for delivery just like we do now, put one stove, one refrigerator, sink and a four-section steam table in the space they use as a kitchen and bring a nice warm meal to the activity center.

No need to expand the kitchen and take up needed space. The 2,000 square foot building can be used for our three pool tables, TV room/lounge, etc. Doing it this way will allow room for various activities and for future growth.

Again I will say, let us wait and see what the board of directors will do next.

Michael Farnsworth Sr.



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