Attend public forum

Thanks go to the State Board of Education for scheduling an additional education forum at Blennerhassett Middle School in Parkersburg on Monday, March 25 from 6-8 p.m. To register for the forum go to https://wvde.us/education-public-forum/.

Thanks must also go to Del. Vernon Criss, in response to my letter, expressed concern over a lack of a local meeting.

The Legislature and the State Board of Education need information about the education requirements of the community to guide the reforms being proposed.

Many of us submitted comments on the Omnibus Education Bill, SB 451 and were relieved when it wasn’t passed during the regular session. On March 16, the News and Sentinel reported, “The chair of the West Virginia Senate Education Committee says she plans to bring all of the items in the defeated education omnibus bill back to the table during the upcoming special session.” The article continued, “Rucker, who helped draft the original SB 451, said Friday she believes the revised bill sent by the Senate to the House should be brought back for consideration during the special session.” Rucker was speaking at the Mountaineer Breakfast Club, which was created by Senator Boley. The News and Sentinel of March 20 expanded on the Republican position and hopes for the upcoming education session.

This is the public’s best chance to express its views on the many revisions to the state K-12 system proposed in SB 451 and its revisions. Since the items on the bill are being reintroduced, we will have to submit all the arguments and comments we advanced against the original bill again. Hopefully most of Wood County’s delegates and senators will attend the forum and listen to citizen comments.

Community members should take the opportunity to support education in West Virginia by attending Monday’s meeting. Community members can also contact their delegates and senators directly.

Judith Peascoe