The Democrats are devious

God bless America. With Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi calling the shots in our congress, we sure do need his blessing. The Democrats’ hatred for President Donald Trump is beyond reproach.

One serious problem the United States faces today is our non-existent southern border barrier and the drugs and illegals that cross it. President Trump asked for $5.7 billion to begin construction of an impenetrable wall. The House of Representatives, with Pelosi and the Democrats in control, do not want to give President Trump as much as one dollar toward securing our border. Do you think the Democrats want to protect our southern border when they are the ones encouraging these caravans of illegals to invade our country? Not when it is one way to increase their voter pool, they don’t.

It was fine to provide funding when President Obama and Hillary Clinton decided to give $150 billion to enhance Iran’s nuclear weapons program. A nation that promotes their hatred for the United States and our allies. In addition, the Obama administration was green lighted to sell Russia 1/5 of our uranium. Talk about grounds for impeachment. I guess treason is not what it used to be.

I don’t guess Robert Mueller and his “special counsel” will ever give up on rebuking President Trump. With his Clinton cronies on the council they will forever, as long as Trump is president, try to manufacture grounds for impeachment. Remember, President Trump did smile and shake Putin’s hand, God forbid. However, he was not the one that provided Russia any of our uranium.

Why has the liberal left media become so odious toward President Trump? Because our colleges and universities, vast majorities of professors are spewing liberal ideology. Journalism professors instruct students that if facts don’t go their way, become aggressive against their “oppressors,” which they view as President Trump and conservative Americans. And when all else fails … become belligerent.

I’ve had enough of the radical left’s impudent blabber from the House and the Senate. They sound like they are tired of our democratic republic. I don’t think they want the U.S. to be a sovereign nation anymore. The democrats are leaning heavily toward socialism.

It wouldn’t surprise me if for the next presidential election, the Democrats demand a popular vote count as opposed to the electoral college our forefathers rightly envisioned. With the vast numbers of “new voters” they are encouraging to cross our southern border who could blame them?

If the Democrats are successful in their 2020 bid, we’ll be well on our way to becoming a socialistic nation. Perhaps they may want a new flag to replace Old Glory for their new socialistic government. If so, maybe their darlings, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Louis Farrakhan could form the design team. Maybe call it “Old Bernie.”

Sadly, these socialistic politicians should not be anywhere near congress. Hopefully America will come to her senses and demand that our republic stand strong and true, just as our Continental Congress intended.

Ron Gwynn