Slowing the speeders

Is there no respect for speed limits? We live in a straight stretch of Old St. Marys Pike. Vehicles that travel this road always seem to be in such a hurry!

If law enforcement would check the speed of 50 vehicles, a good guess would be that at least 40 would be exceeding the limit.

This must be a racetrack oriented highway, so speed is no concern to anyone but those of us who watch the vehicles racing by.

Recently my small cat was hit and killed during daylight hours by one of the lightning speed vehicles.

He should not have been near the road, but as luck would have it, he was distracted by something and was.

After tending to 17 field mice and just being plain old fun, he is buried in the backyard.

It sincerely hope that the driver who could not slow down enough to miss him got to his destination in time!

Norman Smith