Senate bill deserves support

Education has dominated this session of the West Virginia Legislature for many good reasons. The knowledge and skills of our citizenry set the tone for our economic prosperity, freedoms and quality of life.

The focus of our legislators on K-12 and higher education is meaningful, and today I would like to encourage the House of Delegates and governor to follow the lead of the Senate and approve the last-dollar tuition grant for West Virginians who want to attend or go back to community college. Our state senators approved Senate Bill 1 unanimously and there is no reason why the House of Delegates should postpone its support of this college access initiative.

West Virginia University at Parkersburg and our other eight community and technical colleges are doing an exceptional job with those who are able to seek certificates and two-year degrees. I am a proud graduate of Parkersburg Community College (now WVU-P).

Our team at Mister Bee Potato Chips depends on reliable, skilled workers and we offer college students and graduates many opportunities. We are in the midst of an ambitious retooling of our facility to better serve our current customers and those of tomorrow. Our company’s success hinges on our employees and those we will need to join us in the future.

I made an investment in Mister Bee Potato Chips and this community, including jobs, salaries and taxes. The least the state legislature and governor can do is match that with an investment in community college tuition for our citizens.

Mary Anne Ketelsen

Owner, Mister Bee Potato Chips



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