Let women make the decision

Eric Engle of Parkersburg writes some of the best letters to the editor The News and Sentinel will print. His letters usually specialize in climate change and related environmental issues and they’re always built around scientific facts and hard data. On Sunday, Feb. 10, Mr. Engle changed gears and tackled an entirely different subject.

He challenged the war on abortion and he did it by employing a tool that usually scares the beejeezus out of the holier-than-thou pro-lifers. He used truth and facts. I have to admit, it’s not fair using truth and facts when your opponents seldom recognize either of those items.

Mr. Engle started by defining “late-term-abortion.” I doubt if many people outside the medical profession know the definition of “late-term.” I didn’t until I read his letter.

But “late-term is one of the big scare words the pro-lifers toss around like confetti. In truth, “late-term,” is something that seldom happens. When it does happen, the reasons are usually medically justified and well founded.

Adult women should be the exclusive arbiters of their personal health and that includes any decisions pertaining to birth control and birth itself. The really disgusting part of the anti-abortion argument is the lie the pro-lifers have created to justify their position. They claim to have a self-righteous moral duty to destroy the “personal sovereignty” that women should have over their own bodies.

I firmly believe that the abortion issue could be settled with one vote. One national referendum. Of course, that would steal one of the big, noisy talking points that conservatives count on to excite their voting base. The only voters permitted in the polling booths in this referendum would be females and all would be of child bearing age, say, between the ages of 18 and 45. No male voters, period. No women beyond menopause. I’d bet everything I own that the pro-choice supporters would win that referendum by a huge margin.

Ralph Chambers



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