Don’t throw away history

As these times become more known as a period of “throw-it-away,” we are hearing more and more horror stories of family photos, written history and general artifacts of the past being put on the curb, ending up in the landfill.

I would implore persons who are doing spring housecleaning, clearing out basements or attics, or settling estates, to consider contacting your local historical society or museum before potentially historically significant items are trashed and forever lost. Even if there is no historic value, by donating items to a non-profit group, in addition to the potential tax benefit to the donor, the items might benefit the group in their fund-raising efforts, an ongoing need for most non profit groups.

Regarding photographs and paper documents, our historical society thoroughly goes through everything that is donated, often finding photos or bits and pieces of local history that will add to the research items housed at the Phelps-Tavenner Research Center.

Thank you.

Bob Enoch

President Wood County Historical and Preservation Society