Building wall worth sacrifices

That the media portrayed the government shutdown as some kind of end of the world event is pathetic. If 800,000 Americans, a lot of whom are college educated and probably making $50,000 a year or more, cannot make it several months without cash then there is something seriously wrong with them and their ways of life. They should still have another month or two of dry goods (you know, beans, rice, flour — STAPLES) before they even start feeling concerned about food. If they are patriotic enough to continue working, then they should have enough money for gas to get back and forth from work for at least a couple months.

And as for the suffering it is causing to other Americans, who? Where? Give me a list of names of American citizens who have died on American soil as a direct result of this shutdown.

The wall should be built. The wall should have been built many decades ago. Here is one scenario:

A plague or famine strikes South America as a result of climate change, as has happened elsewhere. Millions of scared, desperate people flee north. There is nothing stopping them. They overwhelm border states and efforts to prevent their entry or contain them fail. Looting, rioting, death and hardship to American citizens is caused. Disease spreads.

The only option would be to quarantine those states to prevent the spread of the disease and the, well, invaders. Millions of American citizens die and trillions in damages are done with unimaginable long-term effects. So, why is a border security wall and program a bad thing, again?

Just build it …

Walter Westfall