Trump far from the worst

In this past Sunday’s paper, there was a vile Trump-hating letter where the author accused President Trump of being racist, incompetent and generally a horrible president. First, the most crooked president we had in the past 100 years was Lyndon B. Johnson. He would not communicate with industry leaders unless they came in with bags of cash. He prolonged the Vietnam War to make huge financial gains from the military contractors. When he first became a congressman he was a pauper, but when he left office, his net worth in 1968 was $600 million.

The most racist president we have ever had is Barack Obama. He fueled racial hatred by always taking the side opposite of the police. For example, the Cambridge police versus the black college professor. It turns out clearly the Cambridge police were correct at the time in their arrest. Also with Trayvon Martin, when Obama said if he had a son it would look like him. Martin turned out to be a thug and attacked the community watchman George Zimmerman by beating his head into the concrete until Zimmerman shot him.

The most incompetent president is a toss-up between Presidents Carter and Obama. During both presidencies we had soaring unemployment. Under Carter we had 13 percent unemployment and 18 percent interest rates. Under Obama, we lost thousands of manufacturing jobs, energy jobs and mining jobs. In contrast, with President Trump we have created half a million manufacturing jobs. Unemployment has been very, very low under Trump. Interest rates and inflation is low. He has improved the economy despite all the opposition of the Democrats and the media.

Also remember during the Obama presidency that North Korea was developing atomic bombs and launching missiles almost weekly. ISIS was running through the Middle East taking territory, killing thousands of Christians. Our military was disseminated and we were giving away billions to fight non-existent climate change. Now President Trump has destroyed ISIS and we have a better relationship with North Korea. He canceled the treaty with Iran and reinstated sanctions. He also revoked the Paris Climate Accord that Obama signed. Trump tries to do what is best for America and not what is best for the rest of the world.

Finally, the biggest liar award goes to Barack Obama. Certainly, Bill Clinton comes a close second. Obama frequently received the Pinocchio award. He said if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor. Well that turned out to be a known lie. He lied about Benghazi, Hillary Clinton’s email server, the state of the economy, the Muslim Brotherhood, etc. Meantime, Trump has been extremely transparent and has tried to get the Washington Swamp to be transparent. Also remember how the VA was totally incompetent under Obama and now finally the VA is being much more responsible.

George Takodi