UNSAT is no threat

The July 29 News and Sentinel printed yet another absurd letter-to-the-editor about the United Nations Small Arms Treaty (UNSAT). That letter writer told us the UN is going to use that treaty to facilitate the confiscation of all privately owned firearms in the USA. I believe that July 29 UNSAT fantasy was the writer’s umpteenth letter-to-the-editor on that subject.

That writer went into nauseating detail about all of the bureaucratic nonsense the United Nations is going to force upon all of us God-fearing gun owners. First comes gun registration. He pointed out that registration has always been the first big historical step toward confiscation of firearms. Really? He neglected to give us any historical examples of any nation that first registered firearms and then confiscated them because I doubt if he can name any. When all guns are registered, the UN will then mandate biometric identifiers to go with each weapon. We’ll get RFID chips in all guns and GPS tracking so the UN can locate every firearm on planet Earth. That writer mixed an overdose of political fantasy with too much high-tech. How could anyone believe all the silliness in that July 29 letter?

The history of UNSAT is really unimportant at this point but I’ll touch on it anyway. It was a simple agreement to track and restrict the shipment of small arms into geographic areas judged to be hot-spots of localized warfare or terrorism. There was absolutely nothing sinister in the text of that proposed treaty which could have been interpreted as a threat to the USA.

Then the conspiracy crazies made UNSAT into an attack on USA gun ownership. The usual suspects declared UNSAT to be a weapon designed to destroy the 2nd Amendment. The crazies turned UNSAT into another chapter of conspiracy stupidity. In the past three decades conspiracy lies have become a never-ending epidemic.

Sixty years ago our Supreme Court placed a road block in front of anyone trying to impose foreign treaty law on the USA. In 1957 SCOTUS established, in Reid v Covert, that our Constitution supersedes all international treaties including those ratified by the US Senate. Essentially, we’ve been protected from anything like UNSAT for 60 years.

That July 29 letter was just more bogus conspiracy garbage created by the people who get their kicks selling the lies that get twisted into conspiracy theories.

Ralph Chambers



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