More thoughts on UNSATT

For the time being, this will be my last letter on the United Nations Small Arms Trade Treaty.

Hillary Clinton, during her campaign, stated that as president she would institute an Australian-style gun ban. As Obama’s secretary of state, Hillary helped write the UNSATT. That speaks volumes about the true intent of the UNSATT.

The far left never considers the threat the UNSATT poses to our economy, the loss of untold jobs. Not only would firearms manufacturers like Colt, Smith and Wesson, Ruger, Taurus, Kimber, Springfield Armory, Marlin, Winchester, Savage, Sharps, etc. suffer, ammunition manufacturers like Federal, Remington, CCI, Black Hills, etc. would also be affected.

Gunsmiths and armorers would be unemployed. Firearm accessory manufacturers, gripmakers, rifle stock makers, custom sight — including laser and telescopic sight — manufacturers, holster and sheath makers, etc. would be out of business. The list goes on and on.

Proponents of the UNSATT never discuss who is going to run the national gun registry database mandated by the treaty. It may be our proven corrupt FBI/DOJ. It may be the BATF, which has proven corrupt, during the Obama administration.

Maybe Congress will create a new agency to handle the U.N. gun registry.

Also, never discussed is the cost. Canada, decades ago, began a national gun registry, which, if I remember correctly, was originally estimated to cost around $15 million. Canada eventually gave up the idea as cost ineffective, when the cost sky rocketed to more than $200 million. With the population of the U.S., how much will a gun registry database cost today? The cost of the proposed southern border wall would be chump change in comparison.

Without firearms, there would be no hunters save maybe bow hunters. The U.S. would be overrun with wild animals, coyotes, deer, etc. West Virginia is currently overrun with deer, as we can all attest. Without deer hunters, the problem would worsen.

Under the UNSATT there would be many other unforeseen negative effects on our country.

Over the last decades, overall, the U.S. has become a friendlier place for gun owners with the most states allowing concealed carry and many open carry. The UNSATT would erase the gains gun owners have made and change the U.S. into a third world country with unarmed citizenry.

Everyone should contact the White House and their senators and tell them to oppose the UNSATT.

Steve Wolverton