Bring back violin lessons

One of my best experiences while growing up here in Parkersburg was the opportunity I had to take violin lessons at Tavennerville Elementary School, which RESA occupied until recently.

Just a few months ago, I came upon the knowledge that had I lived in North end Parkersburg, my violin lessons could have continued through high school.

To the best of my knowledge, I understand that violin lessons are not offered in the Parkersburg schools today. If we were to travel to Williamstown, we would find children being taught violin in their schools.

If we were to travel east to Bridgeport we would find healthy music programs, which include orchestra also. In Bridgeport, we would also find a much lower crime rate.

I’m not suggesting that school-sponsored orchestras in a community directly correlate with crime, however, consider that a mall located in Utah permeated classical music throughout the facility, successfully driving away a drug problem.

I am encouraging the school administration to realize the importance that orchestra could play not only in a child’s life but the community as well. There is a distinguished refinement that emanates from the voice of a violin.

Can we not seriously ponder the marvelous advantages for growth and influence that would accompany the return of school orchestra in Parkersburg. In doing so, we create a musically literate generation.

In the event that such measures are being taken to offer violin again in the Parkersburg schools, I applaud you for that decision.

Gabrielle Allen



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