Unhappy with new system

In your paper dated June 29, there was an ad, “My WVUChart.” May I express my concern with this new (?) system at CCMH. I recently had some blood work done prior to a doctor’s appointment. In the past I always requested during the test that I would like a copy be mailed to me, and that request was always fulfilled. With this last test I had done, the same request was made, but was directed to some outfit in Florida to get the information, which I did. I received it in a totally non-understandable format and was asked to make financial arrangements for providing this report. I would like to know what “IVORY TOWER” moron devised this new (?) system! Where did that — get the authority to send my PERSONAL medical information to some third party and then try to charge me for my own personal medical information? I went to CCMH and met a LOVELY lady, nameless at the moment, and explained my problem. She had me fill out a release form on which she made a notation that this release is valid for one year (1) and took it to the records department. Lo and behold, three days later I got my report in the original READABLE format.

Now to continue the initial stupidity, I have gotten several emails from CCMH telling me they have a notice that I had some tests done on date —. It’s a wonder that we have been able to live comfortably all these years without these “new and improved” advancements!

It would not bode well for anyone at CCMH OR WVU to research, discover and take uncomplimentary action against the above-mentioned LOVELY lady while I am still in my “good ole American litigious frame of mind.”

Louis J. Bogdan



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