The time has come to act

I have deep concern for this country and our democracy. Without firing a shot, the Russians have managed to invade the USA to create chaos and spread misinformation with the goal of turning us against each other and electing a president that could be manipulated. This is not a partisan issue. Our way of life, our values and our democratic system are at risk.

Vladimir Putin has gotten everything he might have dreamed of; a deeply divided USA, our president aligning with Russia and criticizing our true allies, demoralization of our security and law enforcement protectors, eroding stability with our trading partners and diminished civil rights and basic services for our citizens.

We are at a critical time in our history. On a bipartisan basis Congress must step up to this incredible and historic challenge. We have a President of the United States that has somehow been compromised by a foreign state. Should this insanity continue, what will our future hold? Congress must secure our future and save our democratic system. Act now!

Debra Miller



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