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In a few weeks, the United Nations Small Arms Trade Treaty will be back in the news, when the U.N.’s Programme of Action meets in New York to plan mandating biometric identifiers, RFID chips and/or GPS on all civilian owned firearms, as part of their scheme to impose the treaty worldwide, including the U.S. Then, the fourth Conference of State meets in Tokyo Aug. 20-24, the biggest meeting of the year for the UNSATT.

In Article V of the treaty are found provisions which mandate all countries establish a “national control list,” a national gun registry database. History has proven gun registration is the first step toward outright confiscation.

The U.N. is already plotting the next step — developing new “international small arms control standards,” with the goal of imposing those radical anti-gun initiatives on every nation who ratifies the treaty.

Introductive language already includes:

* Mandated national screening for all persons seeking to own firearms, giving bureaucrats the final say on your right to own a gun;

* Restrictive licensing on gun and ammunition sales, even bans on certain types of guns and ammunition.

* Restrictions on the number of guns and the amount of ammo a “properly licensed” individual may possess and bans on magazines holding more than a few rounds.

* Bans on owning a firearm for self defense, unless an individual can somehow demonstrate need and get government approval.

To date, 94 nations have ratified the treaty, a total of 135 nations, including the U.S., have signed on signaling conceptual support. With those massive numbers, treaty advocates are claiming the U.S. will be forced to comply with the treaty due to peer pressure and market pressure.

Many liberals have bought into the U.N. lie — straight from their propaganda wing, the Office for Disarmament Affairs, that the treaty is about combating “insurgents, armed gang members, pirates and terrorists.”

Actually, they are the ones who won’t be affected, because they won’t obey the law. Only law-abiding citizens will be affected.

As the largest economy and number one market in the world, the United States can make or break the treaty. President Trump should immediately announce that the U.S. no longer supports the treaty and unsign the treaty.

Gun owners should contact the White House and urge President Trump to do so. Also, they should contact their senators and express their opposition to the UNSATT.

Steve Wolverton



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