Point Park is a mess

I am addressing this to the mayor and all council members of Parkersburg. This is about Point Park. It was a beautiful place when it was first built, but is a disgrace the way you are letting it run down.

It still has trash from the last flood as well as flood dirt on the sidewalks. The fire department could take 15 minutes a week and keep it clean. If after a flood you could ask for volunteers to help clean it up, I am sure you would get many.

They have half way trimmed the bushes and left all the cutting either on top or on the ground. Still can’t sit in your car and see the river.

A lot of people go down there to walk, run, fish, watch the boats or just relax, have lunch or dinner. We go about 5 times a week.

As for the restrooms closing at 8:30 — unheard of. In this hot weather it hasn’t even begun to cool down until late. I would think 10:30 would be time enough and still get to go home at 11.

As for the signs on the walls, what a way to cheapen the town.

We are ashamed to take visitors down there or have bus loads come down there going to the island. I don’t even want to tell people I live in Parkersburg anymore, the way things are being torn down and cheapened.

I would like each one of you to take different evenings and go down for 3-4 hours just to see how dirty it is and how many people use the park.

Barbara Hollandsworth



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