Patty Christopher will be missed

I had a good friend die (last) week. I wasn’t expecting it and might have easily missed the obituary on the second page because it was like her; plain and to the point. A no frills report. I couldn’t believe what I was reading. It couldn’t be my friend of so many years. That she was my good friend was true, yet we had never met nor exchanged a word together. Now she is suddenly gone and there is a hole in my life and heart that hurts.

My unknown (to her at least) friend was the most excellent and erudite, Patty Christopher; the lady that graced the Sunday paper’s pages with her wit and wisdom and excellent down home recipes.

She was of my generation, though I am three years older, and her approach to food and life was much like mine. “If I can’t pronounce it then I don’t want it in my food.” She knew the joys of a full cookie jar for the children and grandchildren and the love they had for her. All treats were done with love as first ingredient.

We gladly followed her on numerous vacations to places we wished to visit. We knew her dogs and chicken ladies as our own. We knew the wonderful children, grandchildren and Norm, her much loved partner and husband. We shared her grief when her son was gone and longed to bring comfort but couldn’t because she wasn’t aware of our existence. So we prayed for her. She was a fine example of the quiet patriotic American who loves God and flag and country. We knew her roots and the strength they gave her and that she passed on to us. She reminded us of a simpler time where right and wrong were identifiable and she held to those principles. She reminded us of the pleasures of a cup of tea, a swing and happy thoughts.

Patty, I will miss you so much.

This takes nothing away from Kiki Angelos nor any of the other excellent ladies that write. Patty was one of a kind of my generation and our “old” way of cooking is disappearing. We shall greatly miss her and her sense of honesty and goodness. Not a lot of that going around anymore.

Ellen Davisson